About Us

When sign up for a session with the Nomad Lifestyle Coach you agree to initiate or to optimize your current relationship with travel, both domestic and foreign.  We discuss what roadblocks you currently have (emotional, financial, etc.) and we design a customized travel lifestyle plan to address your concerns, build confidence, and gain credibility in your area of global interest. This takes work from you. We will get into heavy topics: health, language barriers, safety, financial independence, family plans, etc. But, we will do it at your pace, with empathy, and loads of research.

Your Nomad Lifestyle Coach is Nafeesah Allen, an author, a traveler, a mom, a wife, a linguist, a migration scholar, an investor, and a lifelong nomad. Though she was born in New Jersey, she has lived a nomadic lifestyle since adolescence. For her, the key to enjoying travel is quality, not quantity. She prefers immersion opportunities that allow her and her growing family to become part of local cultures and to build lasting relationships that facilitate return trips. She have visited over 40 countries, and has lived in Spain, India, Mozambique, and Angola. She has a long-standing relationship with South Africa, Brazil, and Ghana, among others. She travels for work, for education, and - quite simply - for life. If you can do it abroad, she has - completed degrees, gotten married, had children, bought property, traveled with pets, and booked work. She and her husband have a multi-cultural and bilingual household, so she has particular expertise working with families or parents on the go.


Remember, You have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain from taking this step toward your future!